One of our renovations in Lethbridge - bathroom

Renovations in Lethbridge: Thinking Things Through

Whether you’re buying groceries, doing Saturday chores or embarking on exciting renovations in Lethbridge, checklists are a life-saver. They help keep you from putting the cart before the horse, forgetting crucial steps in the process.

Things to Consider
Checklists also give you a long-term view of what’s to come. This list is by no means exhaustive, but here are several points to consider as you’re planning your renovation:
  ■  Amount $ _______

Space Requirements
  ■  Do you need an addition?
  ■  Do interior walls need to be removed?
  ■  Draw a floor plan of the new space

  ■  Is there much demolition involved?

  ■  Layout
  ■  Types of material involved
  ■  Types of hardware
  ■  Purpose: media centre, etc

  ■  Gas or Wood?
  ■  Fan-assisted?

  ■  Size
  ■  Cost

Heating & Air Conditioning
  ■  Addition to existing system or new replacement?
  ■  New vents and returns needed?
  ■  In-floor heating system?
  ■  Do you want air exchangers?

Electricity & Plumbing
  ■  Will existing need to be moved or upgraded?
  ■  Is rough-in plumbing needed?
  ■  Room lighting
  ■  Accent Lighting
  ■  Exterior Lighting

Doors & Windows
  ■  Replacement?
  ■  How Many?
  ■  Style
  ■  Hardware

  ■  Tile
  ■  Hardwood
  ■  Laminate
  ■  Vinyl
  ■  Carpet
  ■  Is the sub-floor in good condition?

Walls & Trim
  ■  Round, square or other corner finishes?
  ■  Paint
  ■  Casings
  ■  Colors

Ceiling Finishes
  ■  Smooth (Flat)
  ■  Texture
  ■  Knock-down

Other Things to Consider
  ■  Furniture
  ■  Security System
  ■  Window Coverings
  ■  Upgrading Insulation
  ■  Realistically, what can we accomplish ourselves       in a timely manner to save money?