renovated white kitchen

Complete Renovations and More!

At Carey Mutter Drywall & Renovations, we make every renovation a uniquely customized venture. You’ll see how a quarter century of experience improves the outcome when you allow us to do your partial or complete renovation. Take a look at our planning guide:

Planning and Visualization
Think about what works and what doesn’t. What is the purpose of the space to be renovated? Visualize the finished new area. Clip photos from magazines that inspire you. Research your options.

List your needs and wants for the new space. This will help you determine whether or not you have the space required or if you need more square footage.

Establish a Budget
First, have a specific final cost in mind. Plan for your needs first and wants second. A solid plan will help keep you within budget.

Prepare a Checklist
It’s a good idea to have a separate checklist for each aspect of your renovation. For your convenience, we have provided one here – feel free to use it as a starting point for your renovation project.