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Why use Carey Mutter Drywall/Renovations and not a larger company? Read the testimonial below and learn why. We insist on quality brands and deliver only the best service by treating your property respectfully. Find out what others thought of our renovations, whether large or small.
“Reliable, Quick and Efficient”

"Carey Mutters took over the renovations in my house in December 2011. As the contractor, he managed the entire project, including but not limited to exterior work, framing, drywall, plumbing and heating.

At the time Carey took over the repairs, my house was little more than a shell. The City of Lethbridge had concerns about structural damage that my previous contractor had subjected it to. In a word, the house was a nightmare. I didn’t think that I was ever going to be able to deal with it. That didn’t stop Carey. Care worked with the architect, the structural engineer and the City, taking that incredible weight off my shoulders and ensuring that I had a structurally safe and wonderful home for me and my children. What took other contractors years to destroy, Carey took just weeks to repair.

Carey proved to be a contractor with very high standards who does excellent work. His sub-contractor and staff are held to the same high standards that Carey practises. He is reliable, quick and efficient. Carey was in constant communication with me in regard to the project. He provided me with sound advice, and I always felt as though he had me and my children’s best interests in mind. He made me feel like we were a team working on my home. I never doubted his work or his sincerity in helping me to turn around my house.

I highly recommend Carey to all my friends and family and to anyone who asks if I know a good contractor. I know that if I require any further contracting services, I will not hesitate to contact him."

-Christine Smith